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Electronic Devices Ltd


30 yıldan fazla süredir faaliyetlerini sürdüren Electronic Devices firması başta Gaz, Yangın Algılama ve Seviye Ölçüm ürünleri, Seyir Panelleri, Patlamaya Duyarlı Bölgeler için ürün üretimini yapmaktadır.

Electronic Devices Ltd., sadece marin değil ayrıca offshore ve kara projelerine de faaliyet süresince dahil olmuştur. Standart ürünlerinin yanında aynı zamanda proje bazlı üretim seçeneğine de sahiptirler.

ED700 Gas Detection System

In constant production since 1985 the well proven ED700 system provides an economic solution to many alarm and detection problems in both industrial and marine applications. Custom build capability, Ease of installation, maintainence, servicing and full type approval provides major savings. The standard alarm functions are complemented by a range of zener barriers, custom built power supplies with long battery backup times, relays and shutdown functions (ESD) individually tailored to customers needs which allow often unique solutions to long standing problems. Suitable for Industrial or Marine applications, either Hazardous Area or Safe Area, the ED700 is a totally flexible system custom built to your exact requirements.

ED700 Multi Functional Detection System

The latest ED700A system provides, in one enclosure, all necessary facilities for Gas and Level Detection. Fail safe operation., Gas and Level modules continue to function after major system failure. Loop communication or microprocessor failure still allow any Discovery or E.D Gas detector to provide alarm indication. The ED700A panel can accommodate up to eight loop modules of ED726 Gas and/or Level Detection giving a total of 80 addressable gas sensors.

Completely isolated loops means zero cross talk and increased immunity to radio frequency interference whilst maintaining continued operation with multiple earth faults. Additionally the very long cable run, due to the very low loop driver impedance, allows economy besides reaching far off sensors without additional control units.

ED816 Addressable Multi Functional Detection System

The ED816 is a sixteen zone conventional fire detection control unit. It is capable of driving nominal 24Vdc detection heads and call points, such as the Apollo Orbis and Hochiki CDX ranges of marine approved detectors.

EDNS Transmitter

The EDNS transmitters and EDF sensor provides a cost effective and reliable method of detecting many flammable gases and freons.

The ED Flameproof 1B Gas sensor is designed on a general air quality sensor and is suitable for the detection of many flammable and toxic gases.
Main gases for detection: Acetone, Ammonia, Benzen, Ethonol, Hydrogen, ISO Butane, ISO Propanol, MEK, Methonol, Propane, Propanol, R22, Toulene, Trichloroethane.

The ED Flameproof 2B Gas sensor is designed for a targeted detection of methane and other hydrocarbon gases.
Main gases for detection: Methane, ISO Butane, Dietyl-ethe, Dochloromethane, Trichloroethane, Tetrachloroethylene, Ammonia, R22

The ED Flameproof 3B Gas sensor is designed specifically for detection of the newer Freons.
Main gases for detection: R134A

EDSC I.S. Transmitter

The EDS/C Intrinsically safe series of transmitters are available for a wide range of toxic gases using the latest technology electrochemical cells. ATEX certified Intrinsically safe for use in zones 0, 1 and 2.

Highly specific models include Ammonia, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Sulphide. The EDS/C is designed to interface directly with Electronic Devices Intrinsically Safe control panels including the low cost type approved ED810 (see below for all compatiable panels).