SMARTChief® is a fully scaleable screen based alarm and control system with a range of design and operational benefits, based on Spider™ and STI™ technology.

It displays an extensive overview of the vessels functions including AMS, Pump Control, Valve Control, Tank Sounding, PMS control, CCTV, Fire alarm and other seamless integrations subject to the vessels configuration.

Spider™ is the proprietary real-time database performing all the data processing of the SMARTChief® system. STI 2000™ is the proprietary signal interface electronics of the SMARTChief® II system.


SMARTLink™ is a computer integrated with the SMARTChief® II system with a redundant network connection (same principle as the main SMARTChief® II system onboard), but with an extra network connection to the ship's network as well.

This means that the engineer is able to connect to the onboard SMARTChief® II system, typically with a Remote Desktop connection from the office, enabling access to the same screens and information as those onboard the ship.


The SMARTAcademy™ is a complete in-house training facility equipped with an operational SMARTChief® range of systems. The vessel’s technical crew will attend a course at Smart Automation’s main factory where they will be introduced to the systems key principles as well as its full potential and value. This training facility is also used for internal education of personnel as well as training of sales and service partners.

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