Betex Solutions on Hasan Tahsin ferry

The name of the Passenger Ferry “Hasan Tahsin” stands for an important figure in Turkish history. The vessel was constructed in Ceksan Shipyard with the hull number NB60 for İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. 

Hasan Tahsin is the national hero who shot the first fire against the Greek Efzon Regiment. It was gathered by elite soldiers, and Hasan Tahsin and the soldiers began the resistance in İzmir between 15th May 1919; furthermore, he was also an author and journalist.

In this new building project and its sister projects NB61 and NB62; with Marinelec Alarm Monitoring System, Fire Alarm System and Emergency Telegraph; Xtronica Tank Level Sounding System; Daeyang Lighting fixtures, Switches & Plugs, Navigation Lights, Searchligths; Rewano Apex component and other equipments we are honoured to present high quality engineering solutions to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Ceksan Shipyard.

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